Modules compatibility 

NOTICE – When your first use, please read carefully informations in “Your responsibilities”.

We always have a solution compatible with your PV module!

Thanks to the  compatibility table, find the IRFTS solutions compatible with your photovoltaic module.

What are the back profile width and length sides of a PV module?

Module compatibility
Module compatibility
Module compatibility

This compatibility list is not exhaustive. For any module not listed please send us a request by email and attach to this email the module’s datasheet*.

* Datasheet with the following information: LxWxH | Back profile width and length sides

Compatibilty hereunder have been checked using information from modules manufacturer. IRFTS is not responsible for any error on the data used hereunder or if modules dimensions have been changed by modules manufacturers. It’s user’s responsability to check that dimensions in the chart are the same as the module he wants to use.

The installation manual of the photovoltaic module manufacturer must be respected. It’s up to the installer to make sure that the recommendations of the module manufacturer are respected when the module is mounted with the mounting system.

The module has to be also conform with the conditions mentioned on assembly instructions. Otherwise, for an easy mounting for portrait format we recommend to install the module with “junction box” in Rake/Slope low position.