PV mounting system for flat roof

the concept

With only few components required for the installation, EASY ROOF FLAT is unparally fast and economical regardless of the roof covering (bitumen membrane, concrete, gravel) and can be installed equally South or East/West.

Lightweight and robust for enormous stability, each chassis includes all the components required to fix the modules.

To make transportation competitive, EASY ROOF FLAT chassis can be fitted on the top of each other. EASY ROOF FLAT chassis can be stacked (1 chassis per PV module, up to 250 kits can be attacked on one single pallet).


Numerous advantages


  • Perfect solution for roof with: bitumen, membrane, concrete, gravel,
  • Methods of fixing by ballasting, substructure with rails, screw hanger bolts.

Mounting version with EASY ROOF FLAT base

Mounting version with EASY ROOF FLAT rail

Only one version regardless of the orientation

SOUTH orientation

EAST/WEST orientation

A system designed for all PV modules on the market

  • PV slope : Parallel to the roof, from 10° to 14° (1 structure per module), from 8° to 14° (inter-module configuration)
  • Compatible with framed PV modules with a width up to 1100 mm(1).
compatibility module

An installation and a storage optimized !

  • 250 kits can be attacked on one single pallet: Low transport costs,
  • Only 3 components required,
  • Fasteners integrated in the chassis,
  • For the installation, use only 2 keys 6 sides (5 and 6),
  • Only 3 kg / sqm (PV module and ballasting excluded)


Certification & Guarantee

  • Roof top system wind load study with wind tunnel test
  • 10 year manufacturer warranty

(1)  Subject to technical validation.