On-roof mounting system for photovoltaic module

The concept

EASY ROOF TOP is an on-roof mounting solution for all framed photovoltaic modules(1).
The system can be installed onto any existing roof tiles, slate tile, roof plate and sinusoidal sheets in PORTRAIT and LANDSCAPE. Our solution is designed for slopes between 8° and 50°(2), depending on the roofing.
Thanks to its specific LANDSCAPE base plate, EASY ROOF TOP requires only one rail orientation for installation, which will save you valuable time.
The uniquely designed EASY ROOF TOP system has a new hooking mechanism which fits directly into the building structure. This can be installed with one simple twist onto all types of curved or flat tiles.A dedicated hook for slate roof and another one for sinusoidal sheets are also available.


Roofs compatibilities

Roman tile

Interlocking tile

Mechanical flat tile

Slate tile

Sinusoidal sheets

Components that adapt to your building sites

Roof anchorage elements

Several anchor points for easy positioning on rafters. One hight adjustable hooking mechanism.

In a LANDSCAPE installation, a single rail orientation is enough thanks to the dedicated LANDSCAPE base.

A single hook for all tiles and a perfect fit of the field flatness. 

Slate hook

sinusoidal sheets fixing 

Fastenings elements

Double fixing assembly supplied ready assembled with ground solution EASY GROUNDING (option)

Module clip

Installation of the clip in the back profile length side … …

… then into the rail.


  • Design tool – IRFTS MySolarProject

  • 10 year manufacturer warranty

Aesthetic solutions

  • Available in black and aluminium finishes.

  • No rail and no fixings visible below the photovoltaic field.
  • Available in portrait and landscape
Modules compatibilities

Mounting elements: aluminium alloy. Mounting screws: stainless steel.

Design your project

Download the software
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(1) Compatibility list. (2) Subject to the roof structure.