Range of biovoltaic carports | pergolas for electricity generation and solar protection.

The bioclimatic pergolas that produce electricity.

PERGOSOLAR ensures a high level of climatic and thermal comfort all year round. Wall mounted or free-standing PERGOSOLAR enables the creation of an additional living space or a sheltered parking space.

This innovative pergola has a waterproof and modular roof. You can choose from either an electricity-producing roof composed of photovoltaic panels, or the option to open-up the roof to provide ventilation whilst still shading your outdoor living space. This can be achieved with motorized adjustable blades. Depending on your requirements, you also have the possibility to combine one or more lines of photovoltaic panels with the roof blades to create a truly bespoke feel.



RESIDENTIAL: Terrace, sundeck, balcony, patio, pool house, carport, canopy

COMMERCIAL: Large patio, outdoor shopping area, awning

PUBLIC BUILDING: Entrance, lobby, smoking area, bikes shelter, stations

INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS: Shelter, lean to, industrial outlet

A concentrate of technology

  • Shed house structure with a customizable roof, PV module slope of 7.5° for extreme energy efficiency whatever the geographical area,
  • Rainwater harvesting down the supportive feet of the shed,
  • Compatible with micro inverters,
  • Ground AND / OR wall mounted installations,
  • Side and depth junctions possibilities,
  • Fully mechanical assembly method,
  • Compatible with almost all framed PV modules¹ ²
Assembly instructions

Choose between a 100% solar roof or a mix with adjustable blades

Choose the configuration and the size that fits to your project.

Each pergola can be wall mounted to a building or simply installed with 4 feet. This free standed configuration is the ideal solution to protect a vehicle. Then choose the size according to the surface to be protected from the sun.

Foot height: 2400 mm

Versions Dimensions (A * B) Maximum number of PV panels Maximum number of adjustable blades kit Surface
PERGOSOLAR 2×2 2845 * 3676 mm 4 2 10 sqm
PERGOSOLAR 2×3 2845 * 5376 mm 6 2 15 sqm
PERGOSOLAR 3×2 4095 * 3676 mm 6 3 15 sqm
PERGOSOLAR 4×2 5345 * 3676 mm 8 4 20 sqm
PERGOSOLAR 3×3 4095 * 5376 mm 9 3 22 sqm
PERGOSOLAR 4×3 5345 * 5376 mm 12 4 28 sqm

Integrate the PERGOSOLAR into your outdoor patio project.

PERGOSOLAR BIM file – Wall mounted installation
PERGOSOLAR BIM file – Free standing installation


Pergolas adapt to the architecture of your home and are available in matt anthracite grey RAL 7016 or white RAL 7010.

Your options

Peripheral strip LED

IP65 – Neutral white 3200 K
1050 Lumens / m – 4×5 m
Remote control to activate blades, screens and lighting (ON/OFF, with dimming facility)

Built-in WHITE LED spotlight

IP54 – Neutral white 3000 K
Adjustable +/-13° – 380 Lumens/m
Remote control to activate blades, screens and lighting (ON/OFF, with dimming facility)

Surrounding screen
Remote control to activate blades, screens and lighting (ON/OFF, with dimming facility)
White honeycomb polycarbonate plate 16 mm
Junction kits
Assembly kits for PERGOSOLAR side by side and depth junctions.
Smartphone control

WIFI connexion

¹ PV panels are not included within the PERGOSOLAR kit.

² Compatible with framed PV panels ranging from 1640 to 1700 mm, width: 962 to 1030 mm, thickness: 30 to 50 mm.