A range of shade house structure for electricity generation and solar protection.

The shade house structure that protects you from the sun and creates energy

SHADOW SOLAR EVOLUTION is a range of pergolas and carports, 100% waterproof, designed for the production of electricity combined with
shading to optimise your outdoors living space. Available with either 2 or 4 feet The SHADOW SOLAR EVOLUTION, meets all the requirements
for residential and small commercial projects such as: terrace and patio shelters, pool house, car shelter…

Furthermore, the unique 7.5° slope shed configuration of the photovoltaic panels guarantees the best energy optimization.

Aesthetically pleasing, combined with energy performance.

pergola photovoltaïque


RESIDENTIAL: Terrace, sundeck, balcony, patio, pool house, carport, canopy

COMMERCIAL: Large patio, outdoor shopping area, awning

PUBLIC BUILDING: Entrance, lobby, smoking area, bikes shelter, stations

INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS: Shelter, lean to, industrial outlet

The perfect solution for La solution to protect and charge your electric vehicle.

Un concentré de technologie

  • Shed house structure with a PV module slope of 7.5° for extreme energy efficiency whatever the geographical area,
  • Rainwater harvesting down the supportive feet of the shed,
  • Compatible with micro inverters,
  • Ground AND / OR wall mounted installations.
  • Compatible with almost all framed PV modules¹ ²

Choose the configuration and size that matches your project.

Plusieurs dimensions Several dimensions depending on the surface surface you want to protect and/or your required electricity production. Each pergola is available in 2 and 4 feet .

Foot height : up to 3500 mm

Version Dimensions (A * B) Number of PV panels Power (300Wp modules) Surface
SHADOW SOLAR EVOLUTION 2×2 2655 * 3523 mm 4 1,2 kWp 9 sqm
SHADOW SOLAR EVOLUTION 4×2 5155 * 3523 mm 8 2,4 kWp 18 sqm
SHADOW SOLAR EVOLUTION 3×3 3905 * 5223 mm 9 2,7 kWp 20 sqm
SHADOW SOLAR EVOLUTION 4×3 5155 * 5223 mm 12 3,6 kWp 27 sqm

Couleurs disponibles :

Anthracite matt granulated grey
RAL 7016
Glossy white
RAL 9010

Your options

Built-in white LED spotlight

IP54 – Neutral white 3000 K, adjustable +/- 13°

380 Lumens

Supplied with a remote control

Habillage sous module
Plaque polycarbonate alvéolaire blanche 16 mm.
Embase de fixation
Embase de fixation pour l’ancrage des pieds sur une dalle.
Kits d'assemblage
Kits permettant l’assemblage de pergolas côte à côte.

¹ PV panels are not included with SHADOW SOLAR EVOLUTION kit.

² Compatible with framed panels with a length from 1640 to 1700 mm, width: 962 to 1030 mm, thickness: 30 to 50 mm.